Balázs Lenhardt


is the captain on the board. He rules the game company after having designed several succesful games. His profession is law and economy.

Gábor Toldi


is the aerospace engineer (designer) of the crew. His profession is history, aesthetic and economy.
He is a film, sci-fi and board game enthusiast.

Gyula Pozsgay


is the architect of the team, working as illustrator
and graphic designer. He has great experience
in natural and digital media too.

Gergely Darabont


is the navigator on the board. Designer, inventor, always having ideas, creative specialist. UX / UI designer, game developer and active gamer.

István Szauer


is the first lieutenant of the company.  By profession he's a teacher, and had his finger in every pie during the creation process of the game.

Balázs Gracza


is liaison officer of the crew. Nomen est omen game enthusiast who loves playing as much as working

on the games design.

Gábor Pozsgay


is the cabin boy of the team: assistant
who is responsible for the hud elements.
Travel addict and hopeless dreamer.

János Baranyai


is the grummet on board. He checks and
supports the work of team members. Otherwise
a software tester and a boardgame fanatic.