Original Grimm characters

Do you want to be your childhood’s favourite fairy tale character? They are still awesome
and now they are waiting for you in this game.

Special dice

Do you like dice? This is a game for you. Here

you will find a pile of unique dice. Place them with special face up to activate their effects on you journey.

Optimal rules

We took the game into schools, and played it many

times with families. The rules are optimal for kids,

but the game mechanism has enough depth and ombinability for more experienced gamers.

Unique dice tower building

movement mechanism

Do you like to build towers? You can do it here with your dice. You’ll quite often need to override previously placed dice to get to your destination or to win a bid - or to trap the opponents.

Peaceful game OR messing

with other players?

You decide. The game offers you both ways: live and let live (or even help your fellow players) - OR - using your dice and Magic Items to balk your opponents’ plans.

Do you hate random factor?

You can reduce the random factor if you just leave the Story Cards in the box. The game is playable without this element too.

Having bad luck? Keep rolling!

There are four special fields in the corners of the board where you can place even your lowest value dice. The Spirit Animals will listen and help you by granting you advantages for the next round. This way you can turn your snag into an asset.

Dice upon a time Little Red Riding Hood received a quest from her beloved mother, to take some food to her grandma.  he knew,
this 2 Adventure Points quest could be her road to the victory,
even if the road was shadowed by the wolf. She chose the latter one and activated the Wolf Field. This choice made her become part
of the Grimm Tales, and thus one of the many characters
you can choose from in Dice Upon a Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We forgot to put one icon in the rule book you could find on a quest card and on some story cards. The red and green boots means: on the same field with another player.


Discard any 3 tokens on a field where another player is standing.

Dear Gamers,

If I want to take a path where my die is on top of a stack, do I need to add another die to the stack? (E.g. I want to go back to the previous field.)


Yes. Every movement is preceded by a die placement. You can move only if you activate the route.


Do I get the Rabbit token or the Snake Die immediately when I place a die on that field? Can I set the die immediately after placing it on the Fox field?


These three Forest Spirits give their rewards only at the end of the chapter. The Rabbit token and the Snake Die go to the player who won the bid: the player who put their die on the top of the stack (or has the single die on that field). The die you put on the Fox field is to be set only at the beginning of the next chapter when rolling your other dice.


Can I jump anywhere on the board with the Rabbit token? Can I move after using it?


The Rabbit token substitutes dice placement. When using it, you cannot place a die in the same turn. The rules of the movement do not change: you can move to an adjacent field.


For how long do I get the Snake Die?


For one chapter. You win the Snake Die at the end of the chapter and you can use it during the next chapter. At the end of the next chapter it will have a new owner (or you again if you win the bid again). If nobody bid for the Snake Die, it goes back on the Snake Field.


Another player activates the Wolf field. I have the Snake Die. Can I put it on the Wolf field?


Yes, the Snake Die works like any other die of yours (if you have rolled 4 or 5).


Can I take back the used Snake Die from the board when an effect allows me to take back an already used die?


Yes, the Snake Die works like any other die of yours (if you have rolled 4 or 5)


What happens if I place the Snake Die on the Fox field?


In this case you can set the Snake Die to any face at the beginning of the next chapter, regardless if you have bid for the Snake Die for the next round. If you won it, you set it for yourself and don't roll it. If another player won it, you set it for them, they cannot roll it. (This can be a nice combo in the cooperative mode.)


Can I complete more than one Quest in the same turn?


Yes, if all the requirements are met. Quests cannot be contracted, you must have every single resource for every Quest separately.


Do I get the +AP for the Green Side Quests immediately?


No. APs get counted only at the end of the game. The requirements of the Green Side Quests must be met at the end of the game.


Can I discard Curse cards only at the end of the game?


No. You can put it on the discard pile in any of your turns when the conditions are fulfilled.


Do I need to fulfill the Blue Mini Quests immediately?


The use of Blue Mini Quests is optional. Depending on the situation, you may or may not wish to complete these quests. Put the card next to your other Quest cards and you can decide later whether or not you would like to complete it for the reward.


Is it obligatory to draw a card?


It is always compulsory to draw Story cards. Drawing Magic Items and Quest cards is optional.


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a wide variety of genres, from family games to  wargames, including the Kickstarter success Hexpanse and Invisible. We are an experienced and ambitious team who is aiming for the highest peaks. Now, we are ready to conquer the international market.

Dice upon a time due to her twisted relationship with her evil mother, Rapunzel had an amazing view from her tower, that she then exchanged for freedom and adventures. A fresh start is needed
by those who suffered a lot, and Rapunzel is one of them.
Thus, she learned to make the best out of everything by rerolling
dice results of 1 or 2 in every chapter.  The love of the nerds
of Dice Upon a Time: Rapunzel.

Dice upon a time King Thrushbeard disguised himself first

as a beggar and then as an unknown knight to teach the princess
turned into a beggar.  He rode through the town on the back
of his finest horse. It is not a surprise, that he liked to travel
by his steed as it gave him the ability to jump to the other side
of the board. As the master of steeds we welcome King Thrushbeard into Dice Upon a Time.

Dice upon a time the Brave Little Tailor decided to try his luck
in the world. Why wouldn’t he, as he can kill seven with one blow.

He is not afraid of any creatures, may it be a giant in the clouds,

a dragon in the mountains, a snake at his feet or a rabbit in the bush.

The name of the Brave Little Tailor is unknown, he is just a guy from the Grimm world. Can he win the race of Dice Upon a Time?

Dice upon a time Sleeping Beauty woke up from her long sleep.
While she was asleep the world changed.  She can feel the curse

of the Red Story cards.  But Lady Fortune doesn’t only take
but she also gives: a chance to get rid of the curse and have good luck.

All’s well that ends well, and so is Dice Upon a Time.

Dice upon a time little Thumbling found himself in the stomach of a wolf. He was a tough guy, did not fall into despair. He started to talk to the wolf instead, and convinced him to ride for a fall.

The Spirit Animals listen, the Wolf preys on the heroes’ dice, but Thumbling always has a trick against him in Dice Upon a Time.

Dice upon a time there was Puss in Boots, this weird fellow.
He has got a new trick in every pocket, which makes him an expert
in finding whatever he needs. Apple, bread or money? He doesn't
care and simply gets what he needs to fulfill his quest and trades
the leftover to something else.  uss in Boots joins Dice Upon a Time
as one of the favourite characters of boys.

Dice upon a time little Snow White was "gifted" with magical,

cursed objects by her evil step- mother, which made her become

the Magic Items expert among the Grimm characters. er special

ability is remarkable and lets her change the Magic Item cards.

Snow White's expert skills with Magic Items enhance

the magical experience of Dice Upon a Time.

Dice upon a time the Musicians of Bremen visited the town, and even if they didn’t become town musicians, they became adventurers. Donkey, dog, cat and rooster on the back of each other looked mightier than anybody. And this way they are able to see beyond the highest dice towers. The old musicians are loved by many, but who’s hands will guide them in Dice Upon a Time?